Life Cycle Management
2020-11-03 11:55
von Dürr Austria GmbH

Life Cycle Management

October 2020 - ASFINAG commissions DÜRR Austria with control technology services in Life Cycle Management.

Due to legal requirements, tunnel control systems are part of the critical infrastructure. The primary objective of life cycle management is to ensure information security in accordance with the Network and Information System Security Act (NISG) and to guarantee high-availability operation. Manipulation or unauthorized access from outside to tunnel and traffic safety systems is prevented.

This is realized, among other things, through cyclical maintenance & inspection, targeted patch management, regular implementation of changes, and long-term life cycle management. This ensures to the highest degree that all systems are fully functional at all times and always state of the art.

The extraordinary quality standards of our company coupled with a highly qualified team of technicians and engineers guarantee legally compliant operation, especially with regard to information security and data protection.


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