Quality to come standard

Today, high quality is expected to come standard. For Dürr Austria, however, quality is more than just a slogan: It is the result of conscientious listening and precise analysis of the task. Quality then becomes a subjective term. Who sets the minimum standard? Where are the boundaries of feasibility and economic efficiency? What degree of quality is attainable? Especially in the sensitive area of traffic, which encompasses safety and durability on one hand and cost and efficiency on the other, the term “quality” becomes a central issue.

Young, Dynamic, Competent & Experienced

Dürr Austria GmbH was founded in 2001 by 8 experienced the tunnel and traffic safety specialists. A strong international partner was found from the start in the German Dürr Group. The combination of apparent contradictions - young & experienced, dynamic & competent - now represents one of the major factors of our success. This success story has made us into a competent partner in all aspects of tunnel and traffic safety in Austria.

Growing Requirements

Highly qualified technicians and engineers from electronics, electrical engineering and informatics, plus experts in project and site management, and the combination of innovative and tried-and-true technologies. These are our success factors for building perfectly functioning and, above all, lasting infrastructure. This is our definition of quality.

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