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Planning & Engineering

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Planning & Engineering

Decisive in the first steps.

The following pages highlight the individual project phases in infrastructural facility construction. Our tunnel and road-safety projects generally cover all four of our competence areas. Cross-system and customer-oriented thinking help us avoid gaps in the progress of the project. Our open information policy reinforces our customers' trust.

From offer to detailed engineering

220 people from over 40 partner companies spread over 15 kilometres. Time pressure, need for coordination and the highest standards. This provides an initial impression of the implementation phase.

The basis for success in infrastructural facility construction, however. is planning and engineering. In three to four months, every detail is optimized until everything comes together as a whole: standards & regulations, tests, harmonization of individual areas, contracts, agreements with partner companies and, finally, the detailed schedule.

Our combination of experience and innovation makes us one of the leading companies in this phase.

Value engineering

Same result, lower realisation costs – value engineering helps our customers save money even in the planning phase.

The functionally equivalent solutions are the result of our years of experience in tunnel and traffic control equipment – or in other words: we know quality, we build quality.

Many Details, Single Solution

Tunnel and traffic control equipment projects consist of many detailed sub-areas.  To ensure the success of the project, the interplay of these parts is essential.

Energy supply
Emergency power systems
Lightning protection
Safety systems
Fire alarm systems
Air-quality monitoring
Video monitoring
Video detection
Traffic control equipment
Transmission and
Control centres
(planning and equipment)
Communications systems
Emergency phone systems
Installation engineering
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