A9 Gleinalmtunnel
2020-01-10 11:38
by Dürr Austria GmbH

A9 Gleinalmtunnel

electro-mechanical equipment

Completion: 12/2019
Length: 8,291 m
8,320 m
Tubes: 2

Completion of the Gleinalmtunnel

The A9 Phyrn motorway is part of a 230 km long north-south transit axis between the crossroad Voralpenkreuz and Spielfeld on the border to Slovenia. It is thus an important north-south transversal, not only in Austria but also in the European transport network. The Gleinalmtunnel is situated between the motorway junction St. Michael and Deutschfeistritz and belongs to longest two-tube road tunnels in the world. DÜRR Austria was awarded with the contract in December 2015 and the traffic release of the A9 took place in December 2019 after a nearly three-year project period.

Project Features

7 UPS units
328 driveway tunnel lights
26 jet fans in tunnel driving space
163 exhaust air flaps
69 crossway fans
5 barrier systems
47 traffic signs
65 LED-variable message signs
20 info displays
348 escape route lights
237 AKUT microphones
150 emergency roadside telephones
50 speakers & 58 amplifiers
93 local control units & 213 switches
195 km control cabling
268 km fiber optic cables


low voltage distribution boards


LED-tunnel lights


LED-lane indicators


CCTV incl. video detection


system data points


km energy cabling

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