Midfield Airside Road Tunnel
2017-11-09 12:05
by Dürr Austria GmbH

Midfield Airside Road Tunnel

Traffic control system

Client: Abu Dhabi Airport Company
Completion: 11/2017
Length: 1,165 m
Tubes: 2

Beyond the borders - Middle East part 2

After the successful completion of our first project “Sheikh Zayed Tunnel”, the MART project is our second project in the Abu Dhabi region.
The main task in this project was the realization of the complete tunnel control system, which consisted of the planning and delivery of the complete control hardware together with the control cabinets and the tunnel control technology with the higher level SCADA system. Furthermore, project and site management as well as commissioning were one of the main tasks of our team.

Project Features

4 redundant PLCs
1 redundant tunnel server
7 touch panels
3 operator stations
8 control cabinets


remote terminal units cabinets


process pictures


system data points

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